TV&GWOT produces bumper programmes to accompany all its running days.  Each includes newly researched articles on aspects of the local transport scene over the years which are extensively illustrated with old photographs and ephemera from the Trust’s Collection.

Beyond a record of the vehicles in service and the routes served for the running day, these glossy programmes are of lasting interest earning their long-term keep on the bookshelves of transport scholars and enthusiasts alike.

If you weren’t able to keep up with TV&GWOT through the 2018 events (first a Minehead-Exeter excursion then running days in Penzance, Reading, Tavistock and Kingsbridge), why not treat yourself to some bargain back-copies of event programmes you missed during the year?

We have limited copies remaining but these are being offered at stocking-filler prices £3 each plus post & packing while stocks last (original inclusive prices were £6.50 to £8.50).  Order by Monday 17th December for Christmas.



A reminder of the programmes and a brief summary of the bus-history-filled articles they contain:


Exeter-Minehead   Penzance   Reading   Tavistock   Kingsbridge
2nd April   15th April   3rd June   24th June   17th September

Joint WN-DG Service 217

“Coaching spotlights” EX-MD updated

Illustrated history of route 217 from 1928 to 2018



Penzance Bus Station - 115 years as a bus terminus


Trolleybuses in Reading to June 1968

Horseman Coaches – an independent view

Remembering TV100

Thames Valley at Reading in June 1968


A day out in 1968:

-The Bus Station

-The Fleet


-The way we were

Tavistock services pre 1968



Ferry-bus connections around the South Devon coast (bounded by the Rivers Tamar and Dart) from their origins to the present day

28 pages   32 pages   36 pages   32 pages   52 pages

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