The preservation and restoration of vintage vehicles is an extremely satisfying pastime and is increasingly providing a viable professional option for those wanting to make a living from their interests. We have a network of highly skilled craftsmen who support our restoration activities. In order to make the Trust self-sustaining and viable in the long term our policy is to restore most of the vehicles in our collections to working, roadworthy condition and maintain them alive and running for the public to be able to appreciate fully all aspects of their historical development and experience the realities of bygone travel.

We also need to retain, develop and maintain the necessary skills in the next and future generations. We believe that the maintenance of skills and our vehicles will go hand-in-hand and therefore we are currently working to establish an apprenticeship/training scheme as a basis for the future of the collection. We are engaged in discussions both with funding bodies and some of the skilled craftsmen who we use on a regular basis and expect to be able to start the scheme later this year.

The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs has funded the development of an apprenticeship scheme specific to the restoration of historic vehicles (see www.fbhvc.co.uk/trade-and-skills/apprenticeship). S&B Automotive Academy, based in Bristol and who specialise in apprenticeships in commercial vehicles and buses and coaches (see www.sandbaa.com) will offer apprenticeships in large vehicle restoration from September 2015. TV&GWOT intend to recruit two apprentices to join this scheme in 2015.

If you have skills and/or qualifications in relevant subjects, see also the list in volunteers, please keep a watch on this web page where we will make further announcements as the scheme develops. Please register your interest with TV&GWOT now.



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