Southern National 1852 (LTA 995)  
We are delighted to announce that this very significant survivor arrived at our workshops on 15 November 2017, the latest addition to the TV&GWOT collection.

The acquisition follows a competitive tendering process by Haynes International Motor Museum, who have owned No.1852 for 27 years. The bus is now in need of its third and most extensive restoration and TV&GWOT was selected to become its new owner on account of the Trustís pedigree in authentic, high quality restorations and because the vehicle fills a significant gap in the Trustís collection. Haynes, itself a registered charity, also recognised the Trustís commitment to sharing its collection with the public which, this year, has resulted in some 29,000 free vintage bus rides.


No.1852 is the only surviving Western or Southern National example of the once prolific Bristol KSW. The KSW was the ultimate development of Bristolís K-type chassis, built from 1936 to 1957, taking full advantage of a change in legislation in 1950 which increased the maximum width of buses by 6 inches (155mm) to 8 feet (2438mm).

No.1852 enjoyed an 18 year career with Southern and, from 1969,Western National, working from their depots in Weymouth and Yeovil, before further service with Mellorís Coaches of Goxhill, Lincs. In 1972 it was sold for preservation to a buyer from Worksop and it moved again for preservation in 1975 to David Hoare of Chepstow, passing to the late Keith Thompson for restoration in 1979 and to Haynes following his untimely death in December 1989.

TV&GWOT Chairman, Colin Billington, said ďThe acquisition of 1852 is a very significant milestone for the Trustís Supporters in the West Country, completing the range of Bristol-built double deck buses in our wider collection. With Bristol K, KS, KSW, LD, FS, FLF, VRT and Olympian variants now represented, we are uniquely able to demonstrate the evolution of the double-decker in the West Country between 1941 and 1983. 1852 is an extremely important survivor and we plan to carry out a comprehensive restoration which will enable it to have an active future in the West Country. This will give a major boost to the Trust in furthering its charitable objectives and increasing access to the historic vehicles which recreate the experience of bygone travel and offer insight into motor bus technological advances over the last century.Ē

It is anticipated that the restoration of 1852 will involve volunteers and young apprentices, working alongside experienced craftsmen as part of the Trustís commitment to transferring artisan restoration skills to future generations.

If you would like to contribute to 1852ís purchase and restoration, click here, email enquiries@tvagwot.org.uk, or write to ĎTV&GWOTí at its registered office, Ledger Farm, Forest Green Road, Fifield, Maidenhead, Berks SL6 2NR.

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