KINGSBRIDGE 7'6" VINTAGE BUS RUNNING DAY - 17 September 2016  

We have organised vintage bus running days in Kingsbridge every year since 2008 so this will be our ninth event in the South Hams.

The Running Day centred on Kingsbridge Bus Station will be on Saturday 17th September. This gives the visiting public the opportunity to ride on a range of vehicles to coast and country destinations around Kingsbridge. On Sunday 18th it is intended that a selection of vehicles, crews and volunteers will make a leisurely tour from Kingsbridge to Dartmouth and Buckfastleigh with excursions onto Dartmoor before they travel homeward.
The routes we plan to use are those formerly operated by the Great Western Railway Road Motors, the Western National Omnibus Company and other local operators such as Tally Ho Coaches. Services to East Portlemouth, South Pool, Goveton, Slapton, Salcombe, Hope Cove, Thurlestone, Bantham, Loddiswell, California Cross and East Allington are being scheduled, some with additional journeys and/or with changed timing due to recent timetable changes on Stagecoach services. The circular services will include Coleridge Community Bus route 1 from Kingsbridge to Slapton, East Allington, Goveton and Ledstone and ‘school’ service TNS004 through the Avon Valley coupled with pre-war rail replacement route 177 from South Brent. In addition there will be several short workings including a town service with round trip times of less than 30 minutes to enable sampling a greater number of vehicles over the course of the day. A number of routes will also have duplicates so that passengers can change vehicles at outer termini. There will also be coach excursions to Blackpool Sands.

Feeder services will run to and from Totnes Railway station.  Early pick-ups will be at:

From Totnes (Coronation Road):               08:40, 09:20, 09:40

From Totnes (Railway Station):                 08:45, 09:25, 09:45


Latest departures from Kingsbridge (and arrival times at Totnes) will be 1700 (1735), 1715 (1750) and 1730 (1805).

Most vehicles in use will be limited to those with a width not exceeding 7’6” (apart from mirrors). This is necessary because of the width of many of the roads in the area over which we are planning to operate. Full width vehicles will be able to be used on the routes to Slapton, Salcombe, Bigbury, Modbury and Totnes. Owners of other visiting vehicles are welcome to come to Kingsbridge and we expect to be able to organise additional parking by arrangement – please contact the organisers below if you wish to avail yourself of this.

Vehicles expected to operate in service (subject to availability on the day) include:


286 KTA on service 177



Fleet No Reg No Chassis Body Body code Date Operator
137 FJ8967 Bl H BBW B32R 1933 Western National
668 BTA59 Ds Mace ECOC B26F 1934 Southern National
333 DOD518 Bl L5G Beadle B35R 1939 Western National
SR487 HTT487 AEC Regal Weymann B35F 1946 Devon General
279 EMW284 Bl L6B Beadle C32R 1947 Wilts & Dorset
1218 JUO983 Bl LL6B ECW FB39F 1948 Southern National
TA5 JFM575 AEC Regal III Strachans B35R 1948 Crosville
207 MHU49 Bd OB Duple B30F 1949 Bristol OC
  FNV557 Ld PS2/3 Whitson FC33F 1949 Church (Royal Blue) Pytchley
173 JFJ873 Dr CVD6 Weymann B35F 1949 Exeter City Transport
1613 LTA772 Bl LWL ECW B39R 1951 Western National
  PPH698 Bd SBG Du Vega C33F 1951 Epsom Coaches
1376 OTT85 Bl LS6G ECW C39F 1954 Southern National
SN839 XTA839 An Nimbus Willowbrook B31F 1958 Devon General
600 672 COD Bl SUS ECW B30F 1960 Western National
603 675COD Bl SUS ECW B30F 1960 Western National
420 270KTA Bl SUL ECW C33F 1962 Western National
425 275KTA Bl SUL ECW C33F 1962 Western National
1234 286KTA Bl SUL ECW C37F 1962 Southern National / Guernseybus
1423 EDV505D Bl MW6G ECW C39F 1966 Western National
1052 UTF732M Ld PSU3 Du Dominant C49F 1974 Ribble Motor Services
  KJD413P Bl LH6L ECW B43F 1976 Tally Ho!
1560 FDV790V Bl LHS6L ECW B35F 1979 Western National
300 C862DYD Fd Tt RH/Do B16F 1985 Southern National
401 L401VCV Ds Dt Pn B40F 1994 Western National
628 L628VCV Merc 709 Pn B23F 1994 Western National
52529 S529RWP Merc Vario Pn B27F 1998 First Devon & Cornwall
959 KUO972 Bl K6B ECW L27/28R 1950 Western National
RTL1163 LYF104 Ld 7RT Park Royal H30/26R 1951 London Transport
19992 LRV992 Ld Titan PD2/12 Northern Counties O33/26R 1955 Portsmouth City Transport
358 MCO658 Ld Titan PD2/12 Metro-Cammell O30/26R 1956 Plymouth City Transport
1943 VDV760 Bl LD6G ECW H33/27RD 1958 Western National
1969 468FTT Bl FLF6G ECW H38/30F 1960 Western National
2019 824KDV Bl FLF6G ECW H38/30F 1963 Western National
RM1872 ALD872B AEC RM Park Royal H64R 1964 London Transport
611 CDL479C Bl FLF6G ECW H70F 1965 Southern Vectis
1056 OTA290G Bl VRT ECW H39/31F 1969 Western National
1121 VDV121S Bl VRT/SL3/6LXB ECW H43/31F 1978 Western National
1141 AFJ706T Bl VRT/SL3/6LXB ECW H43/31F 1978 Western National
1157 AFJ764T Bl VRT/SL3/6LXB ECW H43/31F 1979 Western National



To accompany this event there will be a fully illustrated colour programme and timetable which will be on sale on the day and is now available (as of 1 September 2016) to purchase in advance:

BY POST for £7 including p&p by either

   -  Sending a cheque payable to ‘TV&GWOT’ to the address below, or
   -    Paying by Paypal (including any postal / delivery instructions in the notes)


IN PERSON from 5 September from the Kingsbridge Information Centre on the Quay for £5.

Colin Billington
Running Day Entry Co-ordinator

For more information contact: Colin Billington, by email to: colinbillington@tvagwot.org.uk or write to TV&GWOT, Ledger Farm, Forest Green Road, Fifield, Maidenhead, SL6 2NR

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A Bristol SUS bus of the type appearing at the 2013 running day photographed at Inner Hope in 2010 by Ken Jones   Lively activity in Kingsbridge bus station during the 2011 event with a variety of buses and destinations for the many passengers to chose from.
  The event will be centred on Kingsbridge Bus Station  

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