Penzance & West Cornwall Vintage #Busflyby 18 APRIL 2021


The Cornwall Bus Preservation Society (CBPS) in association with the Thames Valley & Great Western Omnibus Trust (TV&GWOT) has been inviting visitors to sunny, warm West Cornwall for vintage bus running days since the original Final VR Running Day on 9 December 2006.

Although it was not possible to stage our usual Penzance Running Day in 2021, we offered an alternative Penzance & West Cornwall Vintage #Busflyby on Sunday 18 April. This socially-distanced run for locally-based vintage buses and coaches will brought well-deserved smiles to the people of West Cornwall as they passed by.

For the safety of all, we regret that passengers could not be carried but followers enjoyed the run from their homes, both via our Facebook page and by following the hashtag #Busflyby. Take a look now at the event videos and photos.


Some 22 vehicles took part with buses passing at 15 minute intervals through Helston, Penzance, Hayle, St Just and Marazion from 10:00 to 16:00.

We hope to return to Penzance for a traditional running day on Sunday 17 April 2022 with free rides around the West Cornwall Peninsula in these vintage vehicles.


(C)  Luke  Farley  All other event photographs Helen Billington


Selling programmes at the Penzance Running Days is a principal way CBPS and TV&GWOT raise funds to cover the upkeep of these preserved vehicles so they can be enjoyed by others.  Covid restrictions meant the traditional event had to be cancelled in 2020 and although the 2021 flyby format brought the opportunity for wide enjoyment, there was no busy bus station in which we can sell programmes to cover the costs.   This is challenging for CBPS and TV&GWOT and we should be very grateful if you would consider making a donation to contribute to our costs and preservation funds in recognition of the work put in to bring the vehicles to you for #busflyby.  You can donate via Paypal below or go to the donations page for a Gift Aid form or postal details.




Thank you sincerely to those who have already, or now, donate!

Further details about the vehicles, routes and timings for #Busflyby on 18 April 2021 are free to access below




The routes are illustrated in the animation below. The Penzance-St Just-Penzance and Penzance-Hayle-Helston-Penzance loops operated with an approximately 15 minute headway between 10:00 and 16:00 when a grand finale cavalcade processed through Penzance. This created an ever-changing exhibition of passenger road transport heritage with all vehicles covering every stretch of the routes at least once in the course of the day. Timetables can be downloaded in the pdf pack here.





Some buses travelling from South Devon and East Cornwall passed through Truro en route to Helston and Penzance to help fly the flag for the event.



The following locally-based vehicles listed below took part.


Fleet No. Reg. Chassis Body Body code Date Original operator #Busflyby
Car working
DL640 MTT640 Ld PD2/1 Ld L27/26R 1951 Devon General CW 17
1376 OTT85 Bl LS6G ECW C39F 1954 Southern National CW 6
2485 OVL494 Bl SC4LK ECW B35F 1960 Lincolnshire Road Car CW 16
1969 468FTT Bl FLF6G ECW H38/30F 1960 Western National CW 5
SMA5 811BWR Bl SUL4A ECW B36F 1962 West Yorkshire CW 10
  100VRL AEC Reliance Harrington C43F 1964 Hawkeys Tours CW 10A
  TUJ921J Bd YRQ Willowbrook DP45F 1970 Salopia / Shearings CW 1
1254 VOD124K Bl  LHS6L Marshall B33F 1972 Western National CW 15
1318 BDV318L Bl  LH6L Marshall C39F 1973 WN/Royal Blue CW 4
1121 VDV121S Bl VRT/SL3/6LX ECW H43/31F 1978 Western National CW 14
584 VDV123S Bl VRT/SL3/6LX ECW H43/31F 1978 Devon General/WN CW 9
1141 AFJ706T Bl VRT/SL3/6LX ECW H43/31F 1978 Western National CW 1A
1148 AFJ750T Bl VRT/SL3/6LX ECW H43/31F 1979 Western National CW 18
1557 FDV787V Bl LHS6L ECW B35F 1979 Western National CW 6A
1203 LFJ847W Bl VRT/SL3/6LX ECW H43/31F 1980 Western National CW 7
1226 LFJ873W Bl VRT/SL3/6LX ECW H43/31F 1981 Western National CW 19
4012 C412HJN Ld Oly ECW CH42/30F 1986 Eastern National CW 13
  XIL4290 Vo B10M Van Hool C36FT 1994 Armchair Coaches CW 12
401 L401VCV Ds  Dt Pn B40F 1994 Western National CW 3
  W656FUM Vo B10M Pn C 2000 Wallace Arnold CW 7A
  YK55AUN BMC 220SLF BMC B57F 2006 Mounts Bay Coaches CW 8

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