Keeping old buses alive takes bus loads of time, effort, passion and funds.  
  Our Supporters' Group helps the Trust in a variety of ways. From assisting with the restoration and maintenance of vehicles to helping the public at our running days, the Supporters play a vital role in so many aspects of the Trust's charitable work.

Supporters’ enthusiasm knows no bounds and working within social distancing rules, Summer 2020 has seen a group unearth, shore up and get rolling former Royal Blue LL 1264 (LTA 893), harnessing help from the local farming community and a Donkey Sanctuary in the process.  Having languished in a field near Sidmouth since 1969, 1264 joins the TV&GWOT Collection as the result of a bequest passed on by The Oxford Bus Museum.

The background and full story of the remarkable recovery are recounted in the Autumn 2020 edition of TV&GWOT Supporters’ magazine To and fro’.

Now safe and undercover, it will take its place in TV&GWOT’s restoration projects. If you’d like to find out more, support us in bringing these vehicles back to life, or get involved yourself, see details below of how to become a Supporter.

Supporters come from all walks of life and span the generations, each bringing different skills, talents and interests to the group. In turn, they gain valuable skills and satisfaction from their many and varied roles.

They are based all over the country, but regularly convene at our events and our two bases in Berkshire and South Devon.

The Supporters’ group is thriving despite the constraints of the Covid-19 lockdown. For example, an ad hoc Newsletter “Service-19”, is enabling Supporters to help and entertain each other with a stream memories of first bus rides and favourite vehicles and discoveries, mysteries and treasures unearthed while ‘sorting out’. A virtual bus running day features rides on board ten of our regular event performers reminding us of the happier times that will return.

If you would like to play a part in helping the Trust - however big or small, regular or occasional - the Supporters look forward to welcoming you to the group.

Becoming a Supporter

As a Supporter you will enjoy several exclusive benefits of working closely with the Trust.

You will receive our quarterly magazine, To and fro' to keep you in touch with Trust news, vehicles, events and opportunities to get involved. Each magazine is richly illustrated, and also features historical articles and discussions to further your interests.

You will also receive copies of the supplementary Service-19 Newsletter to keep Supporters in touch during the period of Covid-19 lockdown.

You will be able to volunteer for a wide range of Trust activities should you wish, and learn new skills as you go. As well as opportunities to work on vehicles and help at public events, we have a significant archive and museum facility to maintain.

There is also a thriving social element to the Supporters, offering the opportunity to make new friends across the country

If you'd like to become a Supporter of the Trust, and help to keep these historic vehicles alive and available to the public, please complete the supporter application form in Word or pdf.

The Supporters’ year runs from June to May. For new Supporters joining from April onwards (e.g. after 1 April 2020) the year runs to the following May (e.g. to 31 May 2021).

A year as a Trust Supporter could also be the perfect gift for a like-minded friend or family member. 

The completed application form can be submitted by email with payment made via Paypal from the button below (suggested minimum donation is £24) OR the form can be printed and posted with a cheque – details for both options are given on the form.

To make your supporter’s donation using Paypal click the ‘Donate’ button:

Renewing your support

The TV&GWOT supporters’ year runs from June to May.  If you have been a supporter in 2019/20, you’ll know from direct contact through the year just how active TV&GWOT has been with public events, vehicle restoration, archive work and historical research.  The interest and enjoyment obviously takes time and funds to sustain so we hope that one way or another you will wish to continue your support. 

You can now renew your support to continue through to May 2021 and as a 2020/21 supporter, you will receive issues 21 – 24 of To and Fro’ with the opportunity to be involved in TV&GWOT’s growing range of activities online and in the real world. You can renew in one of two ways:

By PayPal:

Just click on the ‘donate’ button above and make your 2020/21 donation via PayPal (£24 minimum suggested). Please enter “2020/21 supporter renewal” in the notes field.

By post:

If you prefer to send a cheque please send you donation payable to “TV&GWOT” (£24 minimum suggested) to TV&GWOT Supporters, 41 Cross Gates Close, Bracknell RG12 9TY. Please print your name and “2020/21 supporter renewal” on the rear.

In either case there is no need to complete an application form unless your details have changed.  If you have any queries about the renewal process, or would like to get involved in other areas of the Trust’s activities, please contact Peter Nicholls, the Supporters’ Coordinator at: supporters@tvagwot.org.uk.



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